Recipes of Love by Charlie Co

Recipes of Love , by Negrese Painter- Sculptor Charlie Co, reflects the story of The Fruit Garden jam


In Charlie Co's words, the painting "is a marriage between two people from two different cultures as shown by the different landmarks in the background, the Eiffel tower and the Bacolod plazza bandstand 

The viewer is brought into a stage where the story begins to unfold. The Negros lansdcape shows the three mountains of Negros and sugar cane field. Paper boat dots the ground representing dreams. A couple stands atop a horse, and the horse represents travelling. They have travelled to many far places only to find their home in the Philippines

A violinist plays beautiful music as the couple celebrates with food and wine their successful partnership not just in love but in business as well. Pierre and Ria have perfected the Recipe of Love"



Charlie Co is a visual Artist from Bacolod and is one of the foremost artists in The Philippines. Known for his vibrant colors and social surrealist style, Charlie has held more than 30 one man shows since he started in 1980 locally and internationally. He has represented The Philippines in exhibitions abroad in Japan, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and in the UK.

His artworks are also a permanent collection of respected institutions like the Fukuoka museum in Japan, Singapore Art museum, Queensland Art gallery - Australia.

In the Philippines they are found at The Metropolitan Museum, the Bencal museum in Baguio, the Lopez museum.