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The Fruit Garden recipes are influenced by the French cuisine, cooked in copper cauldrons, in small batches, with dedicated supervision. 

The Fruit Garden only uses natural ingredients and raw cane sugar.

The Fruit Garden was founded in 2011 by a French Filipino couple.


They believed that The Philippines has so many fruits, and little was offered as a jam and preserve.


They started to make jams in their kitchen, the way they used to do it when living in Paris. 



Premium ingredients are used in our recipes, favoring the use of local resources to reduce the carbon footprint of our products


Our packaging material is recyclable: glass bottles, cartons; we encourage our customers to return or recycle.

Our product lines include jams, purées, compotes, filling,  juices and ketchup

We develop recipes on demand for our clients

We have a wide offer for personal or corporate gifts & giveaways

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